About us

Our mission statement: Austin Fairy Godmother makes it possible for any young lady to attend any special formal event in style, with confidence and without the burden of expense! Our Boutique is not just another dress shop! While the shopper concentrates on the dress, we are building their self esteem and creating a safe and inspiring place to let them just be themselves. We are enriching lives through our mentoring program and community partnerships throughout Central Texas!

For many women and young ladies, buying a dress for any formal event is so far out of reach, it would take the Fairy Godmother to make it happen. That's where we step in and make their dreams come true!

The Fairy Godmother Foundation is a non-profit community service organization. We help any young lady or woman attend their special evening in style, surround them with positive role models and encourage future success. While the girls focus on the dress, we focus on building self-esteem.

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Our Purpose

The main purpose of our Foundation is to be sure any and all women or young ladies get the opportunity to attend any formal or semi-formal event without the burden of expense.

Our Business

Dresses & Dreams, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to identify girls and women in Austin and surrounding areas who, despite many hardships would like to attend their Prom, Homecoming, or any other special event that requires a formal dress, but may not have the financial resources to do so.

We will ensure every young lady in need makes it to her special event, whether it is her Prom, Wedding, Homecoming,Quinceañera, school play, or Sweet 16.


How we got started

This non-profit was started in March of 2006. It all started when a friend said she couldn't afford to buy a dress for her daughter for Prom. A wanted ad was posted on a community website by our founder, Keri Byer. She received an overwhelming response of people wanting to donate their old formal dresses and accessories to help this girl make it to her prom. Not knowing the young lady's taste, Keri drove all around town picking up all sorts of dresses, shoes, and accessories. She ended up with almost 20 dresses. Before she knew it, the word of mouth had spread, the girls in the local High Schools began calling for dresses, so Keri began advertising on local free websites that she had dresses, shoes, and accessories for any girl in need.