~Diva Dream Team ~
Making dreams come true one diva at a time

We have been holding these Diva Day Out events for years and have seen how much these teens change their attitude and outlook from the beginning of the event to the end. It's really amazing how showing a personal interest in these girls can plant a seed and change her mentality, to get her making better decisions and moving her life forward in a more positive direction. Every girl is crowned with a blingy tiara, sprinkled in glitter and after saying the Official DivaOath created by My Party Palace, are given a bag of goodies any girl would love (jewelry, make-up, hygiene products, hair accessories, etc). We provide lunch and dessert fit for a Queen and after spending the whole day with us, each girl leaves out the door with smiles on their face, covered in glitter and a new outlook on life.

During our Diva Day Out events we surround these girls with lots of love, encouragement, and support. These events are held at our Leander boutique on days that we are typically closed. We partner with local community leaders to come and speak with the girls and create a positive environment while sharing their personal stories of how they got to where they are. We express to the girls that no matter where you are from, how big or small your home, the label on your jeans… you are important, beautiful and can be anything you dream to be!

We spend hours getting to know them while they are being pampered. Each girl gets a mini-makeover, then chooses a dress and accessories for her walk across our red carpet, while having her "glamour shot"-style photos taken and her peers cheering her on! It's 5 hours of just loving on these teens and surrounding them with encouragement in a safe and positive environment, to give them the confidence to be themselves. We make sure every girl knows that despite their current situation she is important, beautiful inside and out, and deserves respect.