Pay It Forward!!



Our Pay It Forward Campaign makes it possible for hundreds of teen girls to make it to their Prom and other formal events in style, with confidence and most of all, without the burden of expense. Sign up below to become a Fairy Godmother Sponsorship Donor or give a one-time donation. Your contribution to this campaign goes directly into the Fairy Godmother Sponsorship fund to help those enduring family hardships and financial difficulties. No one should miss their Prom and other special events simply because they cant afford the outfit!

Your donation will help us make dreams come true for so many young ladies in need. With your help we can be sure that no young lady is left behind! 

Every young lady that comes to our Boutique for a dress gets the royal treatment. We outfit every young lady from head to toe, our package includes dress, heels, purse, jewelry and accessories. Prom Packages include make-up, hair updos, pictures, limo rides and more!

We have a lot of support from the community to make our Prom Package possible for every girl that shops with us for their Prom. Proms are every weekend from February to June and we provide services for girls all over Central Texas. We help thousands of young ladies with their Prom every year. With your help we know we can make even more dreams come true by offering a Fairy Godmother Sponsorship to those in need!

Donate today and help us to make sure no young lady is left behind on her Prom night! Any donation amount is greatly appreciated!

You contribution is so important to the success of our Boutique. With your support we can continue to make dreams come true one girl at a time year round!

You are also welcome to donate via PayPal. To donate, send any amount to

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Every year the amount of girls in need of our services double. Our services are now reaching girls as far as 150 miles away. We are so excited to be in our 11th year of service to Central Texas. Your support will ensure our mission to stand strong and continue to grow!