Anyone in need of a formal dress and accessories can use our services and rent the dress of their dreams and all the accessories for their special formal event! If you are unable to pay our minimal fee, contact us for more info on getting sponsored.



  • Rent your entire outfit from head to toe or you have option to purchase as well
  • No appointment needed.
  • Shop for your dress and accessories months in advance.
  • Take your items with you the day you shop.
  • All items are due back within 30 days of your event date NOT the date you rented it.
  • We do not require you to clean items rented, simply bring back after your event.
  • Out of town shoppers - we allow you to mail back your rentals so no need to make two trips.

We make it easy to plan ahead and affordable for anyone to attend any formal event in style, with confidence and most of all without the burden of expense!

Our first priority is to ensure that all shoppers have a fun and memorable experience shopping with us! We thank you in advance for understanding and following these guidelines so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience at our boutique.
  • No drinks, food or strollers allowed in the boutique.
  • For large parties, we ask that the bulk of the group remain in our waiting area. Shoppers are welcome to visit their group to show off their dress selections while they wait.
  • In the event you must bring your children, we ask that they wait in the waiting area while you shop so please bring a friend or family member to watch them. Parents of disruptive children will be asked to leave.
  • The waiting area has a TV, toys and magazines for all ages to enjoy while you shop!

Because of fire code and space restrictions we must follow these guidelines in order to keep the boutique safe, pleasant, fun and stress free for all our shoppers. 


Dress Rental Packages:
$30 Accessories Package includes: everything but the dress, includes purse, heels, all jewelry, accessories or undergarments needed to match your personal dress.
$60 Regular Package includes: Dress, shoes, jewelry, handbag, hair accessories, bustier & petticoat.
Bridal Packages Starting at $70:  Wedding Dress, veil, shoes, jewelry, handbag, hair accessories, bustier & petticoat.

With over 2500 formal gowns in our boutique and with new inventory arriving every week, we are confident you will find something you love! Our Boutique is a one stop shop - get your dress, shoes, jewelry and accessories all in one place!