Austin Fairy Godmother is a great place to volunteer your time! If you feel you would be a good fit with our mission and would like to help out, please call our boutique to schedule your volunteer hours! When calling to schedule your hours, please have dates and time frames you are available to volunteer so we can add you to the calendar.

We are located at 10303 E. Crystal Falls Pkwy. Leander, TX 78641 (512) 709-9867 


Although the boutique is a fun place to be, it is still a business and all volunteers should treat being there the same as if they are working at a job. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.


Each volunteer must bring and complete the following for their volunteer file:

  • A current copy of their driver’s license, State ID or student ID
  • Any court-ordered community service hours paperwork, if applicable.
  • A volunteer questionnaire

Volunteer Attire:

  • Dress appropriately in clean, casual clothes (no cut-off shorts, sweat pants, yoga pants, etc).
  • Have a clean appearance & good, clean body hygiene (hair and face neat and tidy).

Volunteer Duties:

  • Assisting customers with their selection of dress, shoes, and accessories
  • Assisting in dressing rooms with zipping dresses up and hanging unwanted dresses back on dress racks
  • Hanging up new dress donations
  • Organizing dresses, shoes, jewelry, and other inventory as needed
  • Cleaning and vacuuming as needed

Volunteer Rules:

  • No cell phone use while volunteering.
  • Volunteers are not allowed to try on dresses while on duty; this can be done after their shift.
  • For teenage volunteers, parents should drop them off in time for the beginning of their volunteer shift and return at the end of the shift for pick-up. We do not allow parents to stay unless they are also signed up as a volunteer during the same hours.
  • Volunteers must be on time for their shift. If they are unable to keep their shift, we require at least 48hr notice.

Volunteers – Please put on a big smile and be prepared to have fun while helping our customers have a pleasant shopping experience!Volunteers must be scheduled and on the calendar; we do not allow volunteers to show up without prior scheduling. Volunteers who no-show will be immediately removed from the volunteer program. and not allowed to volunteer with our organization in the future.

You can volunteer at your convenience for 1 hour or any number of hours...once a week or as many times a month as you are available! Volunteering is great if you need Community Service hours for school or other reasons.